A Magical Memory

I took this image several years ago during a trip to Katmai National Park, in Alaska. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the original 645 transparency, which is the reason for the images poor quality. This version of the image was scanned from an 8×10 print, and therefore is not currently featured on my website, due to insufficient quality a larger print would yield.

However, the events that preceded this scene were in my opinion quite unbelievable, and probably the most magical experience I have had while in the field. If you have time, I invite you to read my mystical story below… It is a true story!

Several years ago, I visited Katmai National Park, so I could get close and personal with the brown bears of Alaska. On the last full day of the trip, I joined a group of adventure seekers that took a bus ride from Brooks Falls to Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; also part of Katmai National Park.

About two miles in to the drive, our old yellow school bus entered a densely forested canopy of trees. To our amazement, at that very moment a bird; either hawk or kestrel flew in front of the bus. The bird appeared to lead the bus through the dense canopy for what seemed to be at least two minutes, and only broke off as the bus emerged from out of the forested canopy.

On the return trip, everyone in the group looked out the front window of the bus, with eyes wide open as we re-entered the forest canopy. This time however, there was obviously not to be a repeat of that earlier magical event.

However, as the bus again emerged from the dense forested canopy, there were suddenly several gasps. For instead of just the dark grey sky we had seen moments ago, there was now a beautiful rainbow sitting below the Katmai Mountains.

No matter what level of photographer you are, I think many of us imagine or believe in some kind of magic associated with nature. As for me; I know that there was at least one guy on that old school bus who realized we were not going to see that bird again. After all; we only just missed it, as it had already flown through the forest ahead of us and returned to the mountains.


3 thoughts on “A Magical Memory

  1. Sharon

    Fascinating……….good stuff, David. Gives you the chills!!

    From your biggest fans…………….Leximommy and Baby Lexi

    1. davidshieldphotography Post author

      Thank you for your comment! I would be happy to submit this and/or other images; however I don’t currently have a connection with anyone dealing with a similar condition. Let me know, if you would stil like me to submit.


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