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What’s In a Title

Enchanted Road Home by David Shield

So; what is in a title, and why do many photographers feel it is an important part of an image?

Well, OK, a title can be just that. There is no reason to over-think it, as in many cases, a title can just be simply thought of as a fun way to present an image. In other cases however, there is often much more to it.

For me, each image title is very important, and I feel that it is part of the passion I possess for photography and even in some small way, an actual integral piece of an images technical data.

I never begin to think of image titles while traveling to a shoot location. In fact, the resulting image above was not even part of my shooting itinerary. I happened to come across this scene while driving home after a shoot. It is only when I begin shooting a particular scene that titles start popping into my head. I usually only think of one or two titles for an image, and when that happens it feels as if the title is a result of what I am witnessing and what I feel in my gut, and yes, even my soul. I have never once needed to make a note of what title I have given a particular image. Even when I have not been able to process and post an image for weeks after capturing it, the title that came to me out in the field, is the first thing I recall when opening each new image.

I truly believe that passionate, as well as non-passionate photographers use an image title to convey something that stirred deep inside of them, while capturing the scene.

With this in mind, it may be a cool thing to consider complimenting a title you like, when viewing a fellow photographers latest publicized work. I bet your compliment would mean a lot to them!