My passion is photography! Even though my first love will always be nature, I also attempt to capture beauty in the urban landscape. Whether the image is of nature or city; my goal is to create and preserve light and color in a way that will leave the viewer with a greater respect and appreciation for our planet.

Photography has and will always be more than just a business to me. My intent is for anyone who views one of my images to be transformed into that scene, allowing them to appreciate fully its beauty, and to renew their sense of appreciation for both nature and life. Through my images, my greatest desire is to unite people with nature and one another.

When not traveling, my home base is in Northern California, where I hang out with my two cool cats…Padme and Luke. I am always thinking about my passion, and planning for future adventures. When it comes to photography, my desire to capture color and light is driven by many things. One of my favorite personal sayings is; my best image is yet to be captured.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Postcard Cafe

    You have some wonderfully inspiring images. Thank you for sharing your work.
    I have just started following your blog and will look forward to your future posts.
    Best wishes
    Mr Cafe πŸ™‚


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