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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


With my last new image for the month, I am hoping to make more people aware of the importance of regular mammograms. If discovered early enough, a woman can beat cancer. I did not know this, until witnessing it firsthand. It made me realize how important it is to share this message.

The gathering at North Lake takes place at sunrise, during fall in the Eastern Sierras. I arrived here while it was still dark, and was greeted by an early season snow storm. Using my headlamp to navigate the area, I quickly found a spot to set up, just before the place became overrun with photographers. The storm broke for a short time during sunrise, allowing for a small window of opportunity to capture some High Sierra Mountain light.


One Wish

I wanted to begin 2013, with an image that contains both meaning and emotion. On December 19, 2012, I became a United States Citizen, so I knew that I wanted to post an image of one of America’s most iconic views. However, I felt even more emotion after the tragedies that recently took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

My thought was to name this image ‘Iconic Peace’ wishing that one day peace will become as iconic as the beauty of nature we have become so happily use to. As I have written on my website ‘About’ Page; my intention and hope is to bring people together through the beauty of nature.

The Shot

On this cold morning, there were no clouds in the sky to dramatize the scene. As I could not settle on a less photographed composition, I decided to wait until a good part of the mountain peaks were bathed in sunlight. I attached a polarizing filter to my lens, and turned it until the color was at its most vivid. Although rather chilly, it was a perfectly calm morning, and I was able to capture yet another version of a perfectly mirrored Teton Range.

Happy and Peaceful New Year to All!

Schwabacher's Landing - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming

Schwabacher’s Landing – Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

What’s In a Title

Enchanted Road Home by David Shield

So; what is in a title, and why do many photographers feel it is an important part of an image?

Well, OK, a title can be just that. There is no reason to over-think it, as in many cases, a title can just be simply thought of as a fun way to present an image. In other cases however, there is often much more to it.

For me, each image title is very important, and I feel that it is part of the passion I possess for photography and even in some small way, an actual integral piece of an images technical data.

I never begin to think of image titles while traveling to a shoot location. In fact, the resulting image above was not even part of my shooting itinerary. I happened to come across this scene while driving home after a shoot. It is only when I begin shooting a particular scene that titles start popping into my head. I usually only think of one or two titles for an image, and when that happens it feels as if the title is a result of what I am witnessing and what I feel in my gut, and yes, even my soul. I have never once needed to make a note of what title I have given a particular image. Even when I have not been able to process and post an image for weeks after capturing it, the title that came to me out in the field, is the first thing I recall when opening each new image.

I truly believe that passionate, as well as non-passionate photographers use an image title to convey something that stirred deep inside of them, while capturing the scene.

With this in mind, it may be a cool thing to consider complimenting a title you like, when viewing a fellow photographers latest publicized work. I bet your compliment would mean a lot to them!