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Landscape Photography – Looking at the Whole Picture

Now I am Free

Landscape photography can be all about catching a beautiful or dramatic fleeting moment. However, there are also times when a photographer is presented with an opportunity to take the time to look at a particular scene and determine the best way to capture an image which conveys a specific look or feeling. In this instance of looking through the camera’s viewfinder, a landscape photographer is looking at the whole picture.

In this image of the dead tree at Botany Bay, I had enough time to compose the image exactly the way I wanted, so I could convey the feeling of motion I felt, and the different texture effects that were being created, within the frame.

I was able to take several different exposures of this scene, before carefully reviewing each shot once I returned home. I decided that this 4-second exposure best conveyed the elements of the whole picture I witnessed while photographing this scene.


Exploring the lesser photographed Landscape


hile it is a natural feeling for a photographer to attempt to emulate the photographic capture of an iconic scene, the image below is an example of how rewarding it can be to also seek out lesser photographed views.

Read below the image for more detail about how I photographed this scene, which is located above Twin Lakes, just outside the town of Mammoth Lakes, California.


After scouting this location the day before, I decided to return here at sunrise to photograph this scene.

A partly cloudy sky was forecast; however to my disappointment the sky was completely clear. Therefore, I chose not to shoot at first light, but to wait until the morning sun illuminated part of the scene, creating warm tones. Once the sunlight fully lit the trees at the left of the scene, I began shooting.

I started out by composing for a vertical shot; however I also wanted to shoot this scene in horizontal orientation, so I quickly repositioned the tripod head, before the good light was gone. In this format, I was able to include more of the top of the waterfall; therefore I chose a similar shutter speed to retain detail in the water, as it tumbled over the rock ledge.

What’s In a Title

Enchanted Road Home by David Shield

So; what is in a title, and why do many photographers feel it is an important part of an image?

Well, OK, a title can be just that. There is no reason to over-think it, as in many cases, a title can just be simply thought of as a fun way to present an image. In other cases however, there is often much more to it.

For me, each image title is very important, and I feel that it is part of the passion I possess for photography and even in some small way, an actual integral piece of an images technical data.

I never begin to think of image titles while traveling to a shoot location. In fact, the resulting image above was not even part of my shooting itinerary. I happened to come across this scene while driving home after a shoot. It is only when I begin shooting a particular scene that titles start popping into my head. I usually only think of one or two titles for an image, and when that happens it feels as if the title is a result of what I am witnessing and what I feel in my gut, and yes, even my soul. I have never once needed to make a note of what title I have given a particular image. Even when I have not been able to process and post an image for weeks after capturing it, the title that came to me out in the field, is the first thing I recall when opening each new image.

I truly believe that passionate, as well as non-passionate photographers use an image title to convey something that stirred deep inside of them, while capturing the scene.

With this in mind, it may be a cool thing to consider complimenting a title you like, when viewing a fellow photographers latest publicized work. I bet your compliment would mean a lot to them!